At Imogen, we recognize that excellence is seldom a solo act. Rather, it is often achieved through a confluence of diverse resources. These include soft skills like vision, scientific and regulatory expertise as well as hard resources such as quality laboratories and funding. We welcome and actively seek collaborators to transcend from concept to product, from ideas to reality.

Desirable partner profiles

  • Regulatory accreditations- USFDA, EMA, ICDSCO
  • Quality standards certification- GCP, GLP, GMP
  • Robust intellectual property regime
  • In-house/outsourced R&D capacities
  • Thematic convergence-mutual interest in subset of medical conditions
  • Orientation-pursuing to organic and inorganic growth

Partnership models

  1. In-licensing/ out-licensing
  2. Technology transfer
  3. Joint intellectual property ownership
  4. Arms-length Collaboration